227 Years of Proudly Protecting the City of Hudson
By HFD Newsroom
April 17, 2021

227 years ago today, April 17, 1794, the first volunteer fire company in the City of Hudson was organized to protect the lives and property of Hudson's residents. Prior to then, homeowners were required to respond with their leather buckets to assist their fellow city residents in extinguishing fires. The authorization for the creation of an organization “for the better extinguishing Fires in the City of Hudson” was approved by the New York State Legislature in Albany on March 19, 1794.

Along with the organizing of Engine Company No. 1, the city authorized the purchase a hand engine that would be managed and operated by the firefighters of that company. Seven months later, the City of Hudson authorized the creation of Engine Company, No. 2. Engine Company, No. 1 and Engine Company, No. 2 eventually became part of what is now the City of Hudson Department of Fire.

225 years after these milestone events, the two fire companies organized that year; J. W. Edmonds Hose Company, No. 1 and H. W. Rogers Hose Company, No. 2; are still in operation and continue to protect the lives and property of Hudson's residents. They are the two oldest active volunteer fire companies in New York State.

With C. H. Evans Hook & Ladder Company, No. 3 and J. W. Hoysradt Hose & Chemical Company, No. 8, the firefighters of the ALL VOLUNTEER City of Hudson Department of Fire are proud to continue this long and honored tradition.


Bart Delaney April 19, 2021 at 11:14 AM
congratulations Edmonds and Rogers Hose Companies on your anniversary. Hudson Proud...