Body welded, cab nears completion
By Lieutenant Justin Elliott
June 17, 2021

In our latest picture update, the body of the new tower ladder has been welded.

The body provides ample storage for all of our tools and equipment and provides space for our LDH. LDH, or large diameter hose, is the hose we use for supplying the apparatus with water or transferring water from one truck to another. The hose bed will run along the passenger side of the body utilizing the area behind the last two compartment doors. The compartment doors will open to allow firefighters easier access to repack the hose after deployment. The hose can also be repacked without having to deploy the ladder, unlike our current apparatus. This new feature will save our firefighters significant time.

The next step for the body is sanding, paint prep, and paint.

The cab is nearing completion and should be mounted to the frame in the next several weeks.

It should be noted that often the pictures we receive may be several days to a week behind where the truck is currently in production. The truck is further along than what we currently see here.

The new tower ladder is currently in production at the E-ONE facility in Ocala, Florida. Delivery is still expected in August. Check back for more updates!

Units: Tower Ladder 32-55
Mutual Aid: None
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