Tower Ladder Mid Point Inspection
By Lieutenant Justin Elliott
June 30, 2021

Late last week members of the truck committee completed the mid point inspection on our new Tower Ladder.

Members of the committee were able to scour the truck with great detail. Every component of the truck was checked and doubled checked. The committee was quite pleased with the progress of the truck and found little changes that needed to be corrected.

This week the cab will be attached to the frame. The body is drying and will be finished soon. The ladder components are nearly complete and will be assembled soon. The frame and hydraulic systems are nearly complete as well. The outriggers were tested during the inspection.

These photos are from last Friday and are the most current photos of the truck.

The new tower ladder is currently in production at the E-ONE facility in Ocala, Florida. Delivery is still expected in August. Check back for more updates!

Units: Tower Ladder 32-55
Mutual Aid: None
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Premier Fire Apparatus
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