New Tower Ladder is nearing completion
By Lieutenant Justin Elliott
July 8, 2021

The new Tower Ladder is nearing completion and is in the final few weeks of the build!

In our latest round of picture updates you can see the cab and body have been mounted to the frame. The cab appears complete at this time, minus the graphics. The compartments on the body have been finished and electrical/hydraulics are nearing completion. The next step for the body would be installing compartment doors and to finish the fine trim work. The aerial components are built and currently in assembly. Once completed the aerial will be tested on an actual turntable and then mounted to the truck.

Members of the truck committee have begun planning for its arrival. After delivery E-ONE will be sending representatives to train five members of the fire department on all aspects of the truck including maintenance and operations. Those five members will then train the rest of the fire department. After a sufficient number of members have trained on the new apparatus, it will be placed into service. A traditional "wet down" is being planned and will be announced when the details are confirmed.

The new tower ladder is currently in production at the E-ONE facility in Ocala, Florida. Delivery is expected in August. Check back for more updates!

Units: Tower Ladder 32-55
Mutual Aid: None
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