From Concept to Reality
By Lieutenant Justin Elliott
July 22, 2021

Its hard to describe the feeling of the truck committee members, seeing a concept jump off the paper and come to reality.

The excitement of the truck committee, when we received our latest picture updates yesterday. was overwhelming. The truck committee has volunteered hundreds of hours designing the new tower ladder and were ecstatic to see the (almost) final results of their hard work.

The ladder was loaded onto the truck after the bucket was assembled and the entire ladder was tested. Final details are wrapping up in the cab and on the body. Graphics are designed, cut, and ready to be applied. Testing and certification of some components will take place in the next several days as well.

The truck is now days away from completion and is scheduled to travel to FDIC in the next few days. The department is in constant communication with Premier Fire Apparatus about the delivery timeline and training on the new truck. Delivery is still expected in August

The new tower ladder is currently in production at the E-ONE facility in Ocala, Florida. Check back for more updates!

Units: Tower Ladder 32-55
Mutual Aid: None
Hyperlinks: E-ONE
Premier Fire Apparatus