Old Tower Ladder Heads To Her New Home
May 24, 2023

Tonight we said goodbye to our 1st ever Tower Ladder. Delivered in 2001 and manufactured by Kovatch Mobile Equipment (KME) she was equipped to do the job, and do it well.

Her 2,000 gallon per minute pump powered by a 500 horsepower Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine purred easily at several large devastating fires and many more smaller, yet equally destructive blazes

Her ladder was used numerous times to reach victims of medical emergencies who were incapacitated in either high or awkward areas without safe access.

The platform, on countless occasions provided a safe escape route for our members off of roofs they had just cut ventilation holes in. With dark putrid thick smoke they had released with their saws, the lights in the bucket provided the beacon to guide them back. On a few occasions, flames pushed members to move quickly, with the platform providing the shielding needed to make sure each member made it home safely. The scars on the platform bear witness of how close they came to tragedy.

Several have said she was too big for our community. Conversations like these speak to the lack of understanding of what is required to do this job. Building height is only one factor when utilizing such a versatile tool. Building setbacks, the ability to operate at every angle flowing water, rescue capabilities, negative degree operations, exposure coverage, and most importantly, member safety are only a few considerations.

Our members can attest to the fact that this truck has done her job, and was undoubtedly successful in doing it well.

She left Hudson for the last time tonight but will forever be in our memories for her capabilities and reliable service. Fittingly, she was escorted to the NYS Thruway by her replacement and fellow "baymates" to begin the journey to her new home.

Before leaving, Tower 32 was fitted with a dedication plate in honor of her new department, the City of Dayton Ohio. We hope she serves them as well as she has served the firefighters, residents, and visitors of our fine city.