New Engine/Rescue
By Assistant Chief Nick Pierro
May 30, 2023

The City of Hudson Fire Department is excited to announce the purchase of our new Engine/Rescue. With the support of the Mayor, Council President, Treasurer, and Hudson Common Council the new truck had been approved and ordered. The new Engine/Rescue will replace the current engine/rescue and carry the designation of 27-42. It will be manufactured by E-ONE in Ocala, Fl, and Hamburg, NY. Local dealer is Premier Fire Apparatus of Lake Katrine, NY. The new truck will feature an 8 man cab, 2250gpm pump, low hose bed, and an assortment of handlines to assist our firefighters in making a quick attack on any call they may encounter. The new truck will also feature battery powered resuce tools, and specialized tools for different types of rescues and FAST calls. The new truck is expected to be built and delivered in late 2025. We thank the City administration, common council, and truck committee for all of the support and dedication! Thank you to Ken and Drew of Premier Fire Apparatus for the smooth process!

Units: 27-42

bart delaney May 31, 2023 at 10:07 AM
nice looking truck. great job to the committee and the city for getting this done.