New Fire Rescue Boat
October 18, 2023

On October 17, 2023, the Hudson Common Council unanimously authorized the construction and purchase of a 2024 Stanley 26' Fire/Rescue Landing Craft style boat for the fire department. The purchase comes after a 7-year quest to replace our 1999 McKee Craft Pulse 1800 which does not meet our current operational needs.

The new vessel features a significant increase in payload capacity ensuring a safe platform for our dive team to deploy and board, easier access to the water to remove victims in a safe and more efficient manner, and water pumping capabilities for firefighting. This unit will undoubtedly make operations on the Hudson River safer for our members as well as persons in need of assistance.

Other Features Include:

Enclosed Wheelhouse with heat
Dual 150 Yamaha Motors
Motor guards and integrated stokes basket mounts,
65" electric bow gate for deployment and loading of divers, ATVs, and other equipment,
Diver doors with ladders on each side of the boat,
Manual Davit Crane for assistance in loading incapacitated victims, divers, and equipment,
Hale HPX450-B35 Max Attack Fire Pump with hard plumbed below deck water pickup,
Elkhart Sidewinder Monitor with 2" Quick Connect,

A majority of the funding for this project will come from the proceeds of the sale of the 2001 KME Tower Ladder earlier this year, and donations from the Friends of Hudson Youth, Annual Oakdale Plunge.

We would like to thank the Common Council, Mayor Kamal Johnson, Common Council President Tom DePietro, and Treasurer Heather Campbell for their support in securing this much needed piece of equipment.

We offer a special thank you to the Friends of Hudson Youth for your continued support of our department and our dive team.

Delivery is expected Fall of 2024

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Bart Delaney October 19, 2023 at 10:51 AM
congratulations and thank you to the Common Council for seeing this is a much needed piece of equiptment for HFD. Also cudos to the design team...